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Business Solutions

Global Adoption Fold

Red Sky Night offers a full range of business solutions within the scope of Organizational Change Management for your organization:

Global Adoption

Unified Navigation Package

Typical client need scenario – Client is embarking on a technology, IT or another project where user adoption and usage are critical to obtaining project ROI. The client wants to avoid as much blowback and sailing into the wind as possible by zigzagging or tacking back and forth to windward and expects a fair amount of metaphorical wind, water, and sea in the face.


This metrics-driven approach is best employed early, although often is not.  Change is human so it will take time and a variety of tactics to bring an organization of individuals. This approach includes diagnostics and can include measuring a variety of touchpoints on sentiment and resistance points as well as planning for communications, training as well as key sponsor coach plans of action.

Fast Adoption Fold
Technology Fold

Fast Adoption

Abeam Package

Typical client need scenario – Client has strong internal change management capabilities or adoption and usage is less critical to ROI. In this scenario, the client is looking to beam reach, by sailing in a faster and more efficient manner in one direction with less strategic maneuvering.


This approach implies that a change framework is in place and the client is looking to supplement a team with training, communications, coaching or some other more narrowly defined adoption technique.

Technology+ Adoption

Hydrofoil Package

Typical client need scenario – Client is looking to implement technology with a people first approach. The fastest boats in the world these days can fly and they do so using hydrofoils as seen in the America’s Cup. Together with our technology partners we are able to mitigate risk by taking a people first approach.  

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