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Strategic Business Relationships

Powerful Professional Networks

Red Sky Night Consulting with Miratech


Red Sky Night has a formalized strategic business relationship with Miratech Group ( as a Sales Business Partner.

Red Sky Night is actively pursuing strategic business partner relationships with technology, consulting groups, or other complementary service providers. 


As a founding partner to the Greater New York. Association of Change Management Professionals stand up committee (, Red Sky Night has close ties with and is interconnected with a broad range of change management experts and consultancies. Since 2015, we have played a leading role in building and connecting a community of practice of change management professionals in New York.

Thunderbird Executive Leadership Council – Red Sky Night Principal V. Cox serves as President of the NY Alumni Chapter as well as on the engagement council advisory board to the Director General of Thunderbird at ASU. ASU is ranked #1 in innovation in the US and Thunderbird is ranked #1 in the world for internationalism of its alumni.

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